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With the recent news of retailers like Walmart, Walgreens, and other Grocery Store Chains, selling brands of herbal supplements with little or no validity, we want our customers to know how our Herbal Supplements are different.

We use only standardized European Herbal Extracts, where quality control begins with the plant in the field. Manufacturers carefully control the process because many factors can affect the plant’s natural compounds and its medicinal effectiveness. These include the location, farming methods, seed stock, the timing of the harvest, and the handling of harvested plant during processing.



European Herbal Products Are Tested-

Standardized herbal extracts must adhere to standards laid out in several European official regulatory publications. Each product must contain the specific compounds known to be

important contributors to the effectiveness of the product. And the final chemical analysis must include testing for many impurities, such as heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides to make sure they are kept within safe limits.


    *Over 50 patented and trademarked ingredients


    * European standardized extracts



    *Third Party Assays- Independent analysis of finished


    *Open, full-disclosure of ingredient sources


Here is some additional information on some of the other Herbal Supplements that we stock on our shelves.


The herbs consist of single herb parts, such as the below ground root, rhizome or tuber. or above ground herb part as bark, stem, leaves, flowers, seed, silk, bulb or fruit. You will always know which herb part is used in a Solaray green lid herb because it will be listed on the side panel of the label. Each label also carries a Green Screened logo to indicate that the herbs have been thoroughly tested for microbials, heavy metals, herbicides and pesticides to ensure their purity. We do not accept irradiated herbs.


The Guaranteed Potency (GP) Herbal Extracts are for consumers who prefer extracts that identify certain marker compounds used in various studies. Herbal extracts combine historical herbal usage with the innovative science of the 21st century. The herbs are tested to ensure a guaranteed potency of marker/active compounds and they are also Green Screened. Solaray Herbal Extracts feature the following information on every label:


To avoid any confusion, the herb is clearly identified by its common name, as well as its Latin name according to the Herbs of Commerce (HOC) book produced by the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA).

The herb part from which the extract was produced is also identified, since each part of the plant can have different marker/active compounds.

The marker/active compound(s) are identified by name.

The percentage and quantity of the extract are noted in mg or mcg so the consumer doesn’t have to do the math.

Whenever possible, Solaray Herbal Extracts use whole herbs to complement the extract rather than an inert filler (such as cellulose or rice) in the belief that the whole herbs may act synergistically with the extract. The Solaray line of herbal extracts is designed for the modern consumer who wants a guaranteed potency product based on sound scientific methodology.


Purity isn’t just about quality—it’s also about commitment.

 The plants used in our herbal extracts must meet or exceed our exacting standards for purity. Crops are harvested at the peak of bioactivity, and relevant parts—such as seeds, flowers, leaves, stems, tubers, or rhizomes—must be delivered to our laboratory whole and intact in order to ensure that key bioactive constituents are preserved, and that species validation can be verified in every shipment.


Every batch of raw materials is quarantined upon arrival at our processing facility until Gaia plant biologist Jackie Greenfield, Vice President of Global Sourcing and Sustainability, personally inspects and analyzes each batch to confirm its identity and that the plants have not been damaged during cultivation or shipping.


Beyond visual and tactile inspection, tests are also conducted to ensure the absence of heavy metal toxicity, pesticides, and other chemical contaminants, as well as salmonella, E. coli, mold, yeast, and other microbial contaminants. This is also the point where the first round of analytical testing is used to verify the levels of bioactive constituents. If any batch of raw material fails to meet our standards, it is immediately destroyed or discarded.


Integrity Testing-

At every stage in our production process, we apply exacting testing methods. The result of this uncompromising system of validation is a verification of the integrity of every batch of medicines produced—along with the assurance that these products will deliver optimal potency and wellness.


In addition to utilizing our right + right method of extraction and low + low method of concentration to preserve the full spectrum of bioactive constituents in each herb, we also verify integrity and concentration levels of our extracts as they move through the production process. This testing includes analytical, identity, and stability validations, as well as the verification of the absence of heavy metals, pesticides, or microbial contaminants. Repeated quantitative and qualitative analyses—employing state-of-the-art scientific techniques like High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Gas Chromatography (GC)—also ensure that we have achieved our intended outcomes.



Nature's Answerowns and operates North America's most extensive pharmaceutically licensed herbal manufacturing & quality control facilities. We are registered and are in compliance with all herbal regulatory agencies. This voluntary compliance requires adherence to Current Good Manufacturing Procedures as set forth and monitored by Federal and State Food, Drug and Health Authorities.

 Wildcrafted or Organic Herbs-

All the herbs we process are wildcrafted or organically grown with minor exceptions. Whenever possible, we endeavor to use wildcrafted herbs. Traditional practitioners and current scientific assays both confirm the higher activity of herbs grown wild in their natural environment. Having over 38 years experience with our wildcrafters and herbal sources; we work to ensure the long term protection of the plant species in the wild. If there is any concern about a wildcrafted species we turn to organically grown herbs. When using wildcrafted herbs, we use the entire herb rather than isolate certain 'actives', thus ensuring a more biologically balanced product.

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