Two Powerful Recipes

Benefits of Natural Flu Shots

  • You control what’s in it
  • They boost your body’s immune system and natural abilities
  • A great way to get some energy for your day
  • Can be taken any time without any side effects
  • They are nutritious and delicious!

Here are some of the best recipes to make your body into a lean, mean and healthy machine and help you get rid of those pesky cold symptoms. The first recipe is for those who are tough, raw and attack their problems head-on. This recipe contains no sweet fruits to mask its raw taste but it’s a complete health powerhouse.

1. Raw Health Powerhouse

natural-flu-shot-recipe2. Pineapple Orange Punch

For those who like a need bit of sweetness, and take their time to enjoy life, try out our Pineapple Orange Punch shot. It’s called “punch” because it will punch your immune system back into action but it will do it in a smooth and tasty way.


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