Himilayan Salt

Himalayan Smelling Salts

If you are after a visual & therapeutic way of diffusing essential oil scents into a room, Coarse Ground Himalayan Salts are useful as a natural alternative to potpourri (which is often scented with artificial fragrance and has no therapeutic benefit). While you wont get the healing benefits of the Pink Salts themselves, they offer a great way to get essential oils into the air and, therefore, into your body through your olfactory system (sense of smell), whilst naturally fragrancing the room at the same time. The salts are visually appealing  particularly  the chunkier coarse grain variety and also retain their fragrance longer than potpourri and can have the essential oils re-applied.

Try adding 4 tablespoons of Coarse Himalayan Pink Salt to a small glass bowl and drizzle 20 drops of your chosen essential oils over the salts to absorb.  At night, and to help with sleep, try a bowl of Lavender and Sweet Orange salts in your bedroom or Mandarin essential oil for children (making sure to place this out of reach on a high shelf). Re-apply your essential oils as the fragrance fades. Other nice oils to try, are Cinnamon (warming, invigorating and anti-viral), Sweet Marjoram (warming, relaxing and soothing) and Nutmeg (calming, uplifting and warming).

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