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Welcome to Love Whole Foods Cafe & Market

love /'luv/-warm attachment, enthusiasm or devotion to. wholefoods /'höl/ /füds/-complete, unprocessed, pure food. ♥


Monday-Friday 9am-7pm

Saturday 9am-6pm

Sunday 11am-5pm


♥Our Commitment To You!♥

*     Our Foods and Vitamins Are 100% Free of Artificial Color Dyes, Flavors, and Chemical Preservatives!

*  All Our Fresh Fruits & Veggies Are 100% Organic, and Packed With Nutrition! Choose Organic, Choose Non-Gmo!

* All Our Meats are 100% Free of Unwanted Growth Hormones, Antibiotics, Nitrites & are either Vegetarian or Grass-Fed!

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"Wholesome organic, pure food, and nothing but the food"...

Currently, we will not knowingly bring in any new products containing genetically modified organisms...


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