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love /'luv/-warm attachment, enthusiasm or devotion to. whole foods /'höl/ /füds/-complete, unprocessed, pure food. ♥


♥Our Commitment To You!♥

*     Our Foods and Vitamins Are 100% Free of Artificial Color Dyes, Flavors, and Chemical Preservatives!

*  All Our Fresh Fruits & Veggies Are 100% Organic, and Packed With Nutrition! Choose Organic, Choose Non-Gmo!

* All Our Meats are 100% Free of Unwanted Growth Hormones & Antibiotics & Many are Grass Fed! 


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LOVE News For Better Living
Cheap mass-market shrimp comes with a lot more than you bargained for...

Statistical study suggests Monsanto's popular herbicide may double risk of lymphoma...

A too-common lack promotes fatigue, weight gain & more...

Many of the "vitamins" used in Flinstones are considered hazardous substances in Europe...

"Wholesome organic, pure food, and nothing but the food"...

Currently, we will not knowingly bring in any new products containing genetically modified organisms...

    Institute for Responsible Technology