Glyphosate:The New DDT

Deja vu all over again


     Being interviewed on Lise Battaglia’s “The Florida Lifestyle” radio show, she took me by surprise when she asked “After nearly three decades of helping customers at LOVE WHOLE FOODS attain optimal health and well-being, what has changed?”  A few moments later I responded “People are generally sicker.  It has gotten harder and harder to help folks become dis-ease free.  With all the new medical science and all the breakthroughs in ortho-molecular supplementation (whole food vitamins, herbal extracts and probiotics), I am seeing multi-layered chronic and systemic disease.  It is taking much longer to resolve underlying health challenges.  Almost everyone has some thyroid dysfunction, bizarre food allergies, leaky gut and resultant brain dysfunction.”

Something has happened to the health landscape of our community.  The incidence of autoimmune conditions has exploded: Hashimoto’s disease, lupus, fibromyalgia and issues like Chrohn’s, gluten intolerance and IBS.  Then, of course, there are the ultimates: cancer and type II diabetes.  We have reached a point where the “new normal” allows for glioblastomas to kill prominent members of society without comment: first, Senator Ted Kennedy, (his nephew lost a leg to cancer) then Bo Biden and now Senator John McCain.  We don’t even discuss the disturbing increase in glioblastoma tumors in children since 1990.  The same applies to two of the most egregious (read horrible) diseases in America: Autism and Alzheimer’s. The rise in autism in our community is how I met Lise, my radio host.  A certified GAPS diet practitioner, she helped implement the two year autism support program at LOVE WHOLE FOODS, Port Orange.  We supplied the hypoallergenic food and Lise supplied the dietary discipline to help uncage the brains of these beautiful children.  At least with young children we saw improvement, unlike Alzheimer victims where the only hope is early intervention.  Current projections: there will be 5.8 million Alzheimer sufferers by 2020 for a disease rare before the 80s.

My feeling was that there had to be something pervasive impacting our environment that was affecting all age groups.  I got my answer when I was given a podcast featuring Dr. Stephanie Seneff.  Dr. Seneff is the Senior Research Scientist at MIT’s Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.   She has a B.S. in Biology, a M.S. in Electrical Engineering and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, all from MIT.  After listening to her presentation, I was stunned.  Dr. Seneff calmly discussed her six year quest to understand why the brightest women at MIT (and America) were having autistic babies.  She has now written over thirty peer reviewed articles on the impact of toxic chemicals being used in American agriculture.  Her focus is on the most pervasive herbicide used worldwide, ROUND UP, whose principle ingredient is GLYPHOSATE.  She thoroughly discussed how glyphosate, by design, kills all living plants.  As a bio-chemist, she analyzed how human ingestion creates a perfect disease environment.  Suddenly, the dots connected: the pervasive gut dysbiosis leading to an explosion in neurological diseases (read Dr. Perlmutter’s Grain Brain) affecting folks with no previous conditions, family history or genetic proclivity.

So just what is glyphosate?  It is a synthesized amino acid derived from glycine.  Glycine is an essential building block for making proteins in both plants and animals.  Monsanto’s scientists discovered that if they altered just one element of this amino acid it becomes a deadly toxin to ALL plants, not just weeds.  What about the humans who would be ingesting this herbicide when they ate the crop being protected from nasty weeds?  Monsanto had developed seeds for crops that had been genetically modified to withstand glyphosate.  Monsanto provided government regulators (EPA, FDA, NIH) all of their data that showed that humans cleared any exposure to glyphosate in two weeks leaving no residual toxicity.  Please note: these agencies are so overwhelmed with new chemical reviews that they depend on the chemical company to provide the safety research.  The first approval was given in the seventies.  It is simply astounding that an agent known to kill all plant life might not warrant extra in-house scrutiny to verify safety for humans and the environment.  Remember that this company, Monsanto, was responsible for the development of another plant defoliant, Agent Orange.  We won’t ask Vietnam veterans about how well it was tested before being used in combat.

Now let’s look behind the curtain with a landmark California court case: DeWayne Johnson vs Monsanto.  It took years of legal maneuvering by Monsanto before this grounds keeper had his day in court.  He used Round Up on a regular basis for his work.  The judge subpoenaed all of Monsanto’s documents related to Round Up.  Two facts were revealed: A.  Monsanto had “sanitized” their data to minimize the toxicity risk to humans. B.  An entire in-house department was revealed whose purpose was to write scientific articles that favorably defended glyphosate but which also attacked scientists who questioned the legitimacy of their data and testing methods.  C.  Outside scientists were paid to put their name on these “ghost written” articles.  The end result: a jury awarded Mr. Johnson $289 million in compensation for Round Up’s role in his non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma…a disease which will soon end his life.

This was no surprise to Dr. Seneff.  She along with researcher Anthony Samsel had published a peer reviewed article in 2015 in the Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry (15 (3):121-159/1-2015).  The Title: Glyphosate, pathways to modern diseases: Cancer and related pathologies.  A good example of how Monsanto manipulates data involved testing cow’s milk.  Knowing full well that glyphosate binds to protein, they precipitated out the whey protein before testing.  The end result: no contamination.  [It took MOMS ACROSS AMERICA to do the legitimate testing to verify the levels of glyphosate in cow’s milk and human breast milk.]  Dr. Seneff has written over thirty peer reviewed articles carefully connecting glyphosate as a major player in Alzheimer’s, diabetes, Parkinson’s, MS and autism and now cancer.  How does Monsanto respond…by attacking the scientist that is a threat, by labeling that scientist’s work as “junk science” and by hiring more lawyers.

All this is eerily like a replay of an attack on another brilliant female scientist, Dr. Rachel Carson, PhD. from John Hopkins University.  In the early fifties, her colleagues alerted her to the indiscriminate application of another agri-chemical, the pesticide DDT, which was touted as a miracle in agribusiness.  Dr. Carlson’s monumental scientific essay “Silent Spring” (a twenty year NYT Best seller) led to two things.  First, an orchestrated attack on her personally and academically which goes on even today.  The second, inevitable lawsuits.  A lot of money was at stake.  The only thing that matters…Dr. Carson’s research was validated by dozens of ethical scientists not involved in that money.  Dow Chemical was forced by order of the FDA to cease production of DDT for use in the US.  DDT was confirmed to be a dangerous carcinogen particularly for breast cancer.  She was the epitome of a true scientist.

Dr. Seneff follows in her footsteps.  Her scientific training, supported and endowed by one of our most prestigious universities, has supported a quest that has led to one conclusion: GLYPHOSATE is simply the DDT of our generation.  It needs to be banned just as another of Monsanto’s creations, Agent Orange, was banned.

So how do you help protect yourself, your children and our parents?Get educated.Get tested.LOVE WHOLE FOODS is offering a testing lab to ascertain levels of glyphosate in your urine.The kits are just under $100.Dr. Seneff firmly believes that eating organic (not GMO free alone) along with eating lots of “stinky” organic vegetables like garlic, broccoli and cauliflower and getting a premium contaminate-free probiotic are your immediate can-do remedies to this hidden assault.LOVE WHOLE FOODS has been a resource for all three of these and more for nearly thirty years.In order to bring this critical message home, I am privileged to have Dr. Seneff come to our newly remodeled Ormond Beach store for a one night presentation on Friday, November 30th at 7:00pm.It will be a standing room only free event so please call to reserve a seat.

Peggy Van Cleef