A Natural Solution To Sleepless Nights & Stress Using AdrenaSense

Wack Stress, Hug Your Heart, Sleep Too!

by Mitch Booth

Since November was National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, I did an article on how to prevent the onset of this dreadful disease. Also that same month, I did an article on mitigating post election day stress. All Americans, the young, not so young, and mature adults, were subjected to a daily barrage of media overkill bordering on harangue. What we all needed was a little healthy comfort food and lots of TLC! What I would like to do with my first article of the year is to link the inflammatory response that leads to Alzheimer’s with the process that leads to premature aging due to unremitting societal stress. We already have Dr. M. Oz, Dr. A. Weil, and the oncologist Dr. Bernie Siegel, all M.D.s reminding us that stress kills.

Remember, the pathway in which it kills is through CVD, cardio vascular disease. It is currently the number one inflammatory disease in the U.S. which in turn has inspired a decades long crusade against cholesterol.

However, it was Harvard's Dr. Kilmer McCully M.D. who as early as 1981, was telling the world medical community that heart disease was not about cholesterol but about homocysteine. This waxy arterial plaque was created when the body was deficient in niacin (B3), B6, B12, and folic acid, especially “when the body was under oxidative stress incurred when the body was missing essential fatty acids from the Omega 3 family” (The Fall & Rise of Dr. Mcully, NY Times, 8/10/97). His B Vitamin/niacin therapy for hyper-lipidemia was often as effective as statin prescriptions. Other than some transient flushing, there was no toxicity compared to what current research has now shown with statin therapy: a high incidence of Alzheimer’s with long term use (read my article Beat Alzheimer’s by Remembering Your EFA's). What Dr. McCully was observing was that when the human body is deficient in these B vitamins (needed basically from meal to meal) along with a foundation of Omega 3 essential fatty acids, as in good cholesterol, an inflammatory cycle is established. The deficiency triggers the production of the house is on fire hormone: cortisol. Unregulated cortisol triggers a thyroid response. If the stress isn't resolved it spirals: hyper-tension and or hyper-insulinism. If you stay in the hyper-stressed state eventually the adrenal glands become exhausted along with thyroid function. A chronic state of low energy(CFS), weight gain, mood swings, PMS, and either difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep can ensue.

So how do we break this cycle of endocrine chaos? First, try life style changes to either eliminate the source of the stress or manage it. Consume nutrient dense fresh wholefoods with little or no sugar... no nutrasweet. We at Love Whole Foods have been providing just such a food resource to our community for over two decades. To assist us in a food as medicine program, the folks at Natural Factors have developed a product called AdrenaSense. It features a combination of adaptogenic herbs designed to help support normal adrenal function without over stimulating our endocrine systems(i.e. no stimulants). The most important nutraceutical in the formula is a plant called Suma. This shrub like vine is found in the Amazon rain forest. Called para todo by the natives: translated it means for everything. Nutritionally, Suma contains all 19 essential amino acids, electrolytes, and the trace minerals iron, magnesium, silica, zinc and, interestingly, all of Dr. McCully's B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6) save B12. This plant provides regenerative support for the nervous, reproductive, and digestive systems which are all impacted by stress. When combined with the standardized herbs Schisandra, Ashwagandha, and Rhodiola (one of Dr. Oz's must have supplements), then you have a recipe for wholeness even if everything around you is out of balance. We have received nice feed back from folks just like you by taking just two (vegetarian) capsules MID DAY with food for a month. They felt an increase in energy without crashing, enhanced immune function (no recurring colds), but most important they were able to get to sleep... and stay asleep. In many cases, they even woke up refreshed. If you take it along with Omega 3 EFA's, and a good wholefood derived multiple vitamin you will see an improvement in cardio vascular health as well as slowing down the aging process (Multiple WF Vitamin linked to younger biolog. age /Am. Journ. Clin. Nut. /6/ 2009).

We have partnered with Natural Factors to give you the opportunity to improve your cardio health as well as helping you get a grip on the stress all of us experiencing in our lives.

Now you can take care of your heart, slow down the signs of premature aging, and get a refreshing nights sleep! What a great way to start the new year.

Peggy Van Cleef