A Smart, Healthy Example To Our Children

A Smart, Healthy Example To Our Children

By Mitch Booth

We are all enjoying an unusually mild Florida summer. A perfect time to sit back, relax, and make plans before the kids/grandkids have to go back to school. Without school schedules, parents have the opportunity to focus on healthy food habits. As grandparents, we can be role models when kids are on our watch. All the outdoor activities put extra emphasis on good nutrition. Our website has two good articles that are a must read for parents and grandparents alike.

The first deals with the new research on diet sodas with their artificial sweeteners. The bottom line: they make you fat. The head of epidemiology at the University of Texas, Dr. Helen Hazuda, found that subjects who consumed two diet sodas per day developed waistlines five times bigger than those who drank equivalent amounts of water, juice, or even regular sodas. This is not new information. In the early 1980s, the soda industry debated whether to introduce aspartame (Nutrasweet/Equal) to their products, when their research showed it was an ineffectual ingredient. What trumped their decision? Aspartame was shown to be highly addictive—especially to children! Now you can trump back. Please stop giving your children diet anything which contain any of these substances.

Need convincing? Stop by either store and pick up a copy of the research done at Toronto's McGill University by Dr. Michael Lyon, M.D., pediatric neurologist. The free article is entitled: Is Your Child’s Brain Starving? Solution: Try making a smoothie utilizing one of the great protein powders we offer with low to no sugar or carbohydrates, add some of the great berries now in season, along with organic Omega-3 flax oil (pick a flavor) and your child’s brain will “sizzle.”

If you have tried to get off diet sodas, but get severe headaches, Dr. Lyon has a step by step procedure which our team will walk you through. If you need a bubbly soda, come in and grab a “Zevia:” no aspartame, no high fructose corn syrup, and almost no calories. Better yet, with the summer heat, come in and try our Love Water, bottled for us in the Smokey Mountains National Park. It is fluoride free, which is another issue we have discussed that also contributes to childhood obesity. Please ask yourself: why hasn’t PepsiCo ever funded a study touting its weight loss benefits of diet sodas? Answer: because the research that has been done shows the opposite.

The second article is about how to get kids (and adults) to eat their “veggies.” The first step: have adults eat them and set the example for a lifetime of healthy eating habits. Second step: never buy frozen or canned. Third step: buy fresh, organic produce—welcome to Love Whole Foods.

With two locations to serve you, we are the largest single source of organic fruits and vegetables in Volusia/Flagler counties with much of it locally sourced. Okay, so your kids won’t eat anything “green” and you figure it’s too late for your future college freshman to change. Then remind them that the average first year college student puts on fifteen pounds! …it even has a name: The Freshman Fifteen! How do you fight it? Orthomolecular fortification (supplements) added to the Standard American Diet (SAD). Provide your college student and yourself with supplements of the caliber provided by Natural Factors. They provide a full range of supplements to meet the nutritional needs of the whole family. The head of their re-search department, Dr. Michael Murray N.D., directs the creation of products based on clinical science and their performance is validated in the real world. One outstanding example is their Theracumin, a product based on the active compound found in the spice Turmeric. This is the third article to be found on our website which I did last month. Theracumin is a nutraceutical which has many benefits. For the college student, it increases blood flow to the brain—that means mental activity. Increase blood flow and you burn fat and sugar. Theracumin also fights depression –another common problem with first year freshman as well as folks just like us. Read my article Beat Alzheimer’s— Remember to take your EFA’s.

Therac, combined with Omega-3 EFA’s, is not only the firewall for preventing Alzheimer’s, it has been validated by the research done by Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D. at M.I.T. Read her paper Is ADHD Caused By Insufficient Dietary Fat? (sen eff@csail.mit.edu). This article is of paramount importance for parents who want to get their kids off Ritalin/Adderall and help them make better foods choices.

Peggy Van Cleef