ANTI V: No Matter What The Flu May Be!

ANTI V: No Matter What The Flu May Be!

by Mitch Booth

The last time I wrote about a flu pandemic was in 2009 (go to then click on The Flu: Revenge of Chickens, Pigs, and Bats). The World Health Organization blamed 18,000 deaths on the H1N1 viral strain. What is disturbing is that this year’s strain, H3N2, is very similar to H1N1 in its ability to cause sudden respiratory failure, often after the victim seems to be improving. This is why children and the elderly need to be particularly cautious. It takes six to seven months to develop a new flu vaccine, it is an educated guess as to which flu strain will be most dominant. The result is that this year’s vaccine has afforded very little protection. So what can we do, not only this year, but with subsequent flu seasons?

My first suggestion is to address our body’s stress levels both emotional and nutritional. We need to build a foundation of wellness which allows our innate immune systems to “step up” after being quite literally “underwater” since Irma came to town. Eliminate these stressors and our bodies can fight the flu as well as any other disease—seasonal colds, allergies even depression.

First step: get rid of stinkin’ thinkin.’ Start with a refreshing night’s sleep and wake up with an affirmation that you can take steps to avoid getting infected. You are in control not the flu. Second: remember the link between the flu season and football season. Cheesy, sugary/carb loaded snack foods have lots of carbs, but have little nutritional value. Reverse this stress by making healthier food choices and fortify with extra non-acidic Vitamin C (5K plus) along with zinc monomethionine (OptiZinc at 15 to 30 mg/day) and Vitamin D3 as recommended by Dr. Michael Kreiger, MD in his newsletter re. flu season protection. According to Dr. Kreiger, if your last blood profile showed your D3 below 40, you are defi- cient and at risk for much more than the flu and that super immunity is expressed with D3 above 60. Toxicity is uncommon, but check with your physician to be certain. Next, employ pharmaceutical grade herbal medicines which have no toxicity or complications with prescribed drugs. Natural Factors has formulated a nutraceutical which we have found for seventeen years to be effective in fighting the flu and winter colds. Not just another echinacea product, this company actually farms and harvests its own echinacea purpurea and then controls the extraction process. Their Echinamide extract has been clinically studied for over a decade to stimulate thymic killer T cells. Killer T cells will attack any strain of flu viruses regardless of mutation or source. Of more particular importance were the results published in the Journal Of Clinical Pharmacy And Therapeutics (ClinPharmTher 2a (#1), 75-83), showed that Echinamide extract exhibited a strong upper respiratory response, even in patients with breathing problems. This is particularly good news with this year’s flu, especially for asthmatics. Two other herbs, astragalus and licorice, are employed to enhance this property of Echinamide. The most important ingredient is lomatium, a member of the parsley family, found in the southwest. It has a great healing legacy going back to the first flu pandemic of 1918. With the failure of effective conventional medicine approaches (including early flu vaccines) and the staggering death toll of nearly 6 percent of the world’s population, a comprehensive search for effective treatments began. This led a famous biochemist, Dr Ernest Krebs, Jr. (son of Dr. Ernest Krebs, M.D.), to a Nevada Indian reservation. His research led him to publish an article A Native Indian Remedy For Influenza (Bull. Nevada State Brd of Health 1/20/20 pp 7-9) where he wrote: “There was not a single death in the Washoe Indian Tribe from the 1918 flu pandemic or from its pneumonia complications.” He had discovered that the entire tribe had consumed preparations of Lomatrium on a daily basis. The rest of the state of Nevada had suffered mortality rates consistent with the general US population. This same Lomatrium root extract is found in a 2:1 ratio in the ANTI V formula.

So here’s your game plan going into Super Bowl Sunday. Get your organic, gluten free football food from Love Whole Food’s award winning delis at both Ormond and Port Orange stores. If you are on an antibiotic, get on a probiotic to help repopulate the good guys. Maximize your vitamin C and vitamin D3 levels (remember 400 IUs is only 10 mcgs) at 3000 IUs to 5000 IUs until the flu season passes and take Natural Factors Anti V formula for adults and children 5 and older per bottle instructions.

Peggy Van Cleef