Celebrating 25 Years of Real Healthy

Celebrating 25 Years of Real Healthy

by Mitch Booth

This article is dedicated to the 25 year journey of Love Whole Foods: Markets And Cafés. With family ties to Ormond going back over sixty years, my family established the first whole food store in Florida in 1991. While preparing for the week long celebration we are planning, (February 8th to February 14th / go to LoveWholeFoods.com for details) I came across an original information sheet we have been giving to our customers since the day we opened. The sheet lists our product standards, what we would sell and what we would not. We introduced a basic concept for the well-being of our community: Let your food by your medicine. We were the first to offer beautiful fresh organic produce along with whole food supplements. We introduced hypoallergenic food products like gluten free bread, we introduced homeopathic formulas for children and adults as well as for our pets. Long before Suzanne Somers got cancer, we provided the research by Dr. John R. Lee, M.D. on the risks of synthetic hormones and the advantages of bio-identical hormones. He actually spent an afternoon at our original Trails location.

More importantly, we provided the women of or community with the tools needed to make informed decisions on serious health issues. That tradition lives on with our most recent programs on January 9th. Dr. Susan Kolb, M.D. gave a presentation entitled: The Naked Truth about Breast Implants. Sixty-five local women attended as well as several local medical doctors. On January 21st a local pharmacist did a presentation on a product for neurolytic brain balance. The audience included mothers with children suffering from spectrum disorders, those wanting help with alcohol withdrawal, and those just suffering from stress. What these folks were seeking are medical solutions without using pharmaceutical drugs. If drugs were necessary, then how to minimize the known side effects. This last two events epitomized the twenty-five years of presentations we have provided free to the community.

Like my original standard sheet, these programs meet a consistent level of scientific integrity. They are not infomercials. My mantra on my radio show was: science driven, performance delivered! The pharmacist who developed Neural Balance has been awarded a FDA nutraceutical patent. He did a power point presentation which A. Showed the clinical effectiveness of the herbal/supplement formula B. Listed all of the certification of ingredients AND their source. Not talk, but actual certification printed on the label. It even included which rabbinate issued its kosher certification. C. A money back guarantee is offered as long as the consumer gives the products an adequate chance to work. No questions asked. This is called scientific validity along with integrity. If the reader turns to my last article (listed under Mitch’s Love Notes on our website): The Good, The Bad and The Sad (November 20, 2015); perhaps Dr. Brent Schlapper would still be practicing medicine in DeLand if the drugs he took had met these same standards.

This last summer my wife and I were given the opportunity to meet the founder of Natural Factors, Mr. Roland Gahler at his headquarters in Vancouver, Canada. For fifty years this company has set the standards for the nutraceutical industry. When he created their new Whole Earth And Sea supplement line, he not only purchased the land on which the food used in the product was grown, but he innovated the logistics of farm to final formulation to a matter of hours. What makes the product line outstanding along with their whole product catalog, is the science behind the formulation and the standards used to certify label integrity. In Canada, this is even stricter than in the U.S. When Roland insisted that the produce used was GMO free (read April 24, 2015: Calling Dr. Oz) he didn’t trust outside labs—so he purchased the latest equipment and started his own GMO testing facility now called ISURA. This whole food based certification is now listed on each product which he pays for. He sold the lab to be free of any hint of impropriety or manipulation.

Now let’s discuss another Natural Factor innovation. Roland has always wanted to give extra value to any product his family represents: In the case of their proprietary silica product, BioSil, they wanted more than wrinkle cure. Enter Dr. Richard Passwater, Jr. One of the world’s foremost authorities on the bio available matrix of ch-OSA silica. His work in Belgium for Bio Minerals inspired Roland to secure exclusive North American rights to this revolutionary nutraceutical. This product doesn’t just build the collagen matrix of our body’s largest organ—our skin—it stimulates keratin and elastin production for stronger nails and hair. Every box of BioSil includes a copy of research used to validate label claims.

Folks, this is why Love Whole Foods is proud to partner with Natural Factors and other companies that support our core values. To celebrate our 25th anniversary, we have been given the opportunity to host Dr. Passwater for one night, February 10th, 2016, at the Ormond Store. He will be arriving from Belgium to share the newest research on bone elasticity and silica’s role to fight cancer, especially of the skin and bone. So write down Wednesday, February 10th to meet Dr. Passwater. Be sure to check out all the events happening from February 8th until Valentine’s Day. Please join us in a celebration of the standards and values which have given our customers a quarter century of healthy.

Peggy Van Cleef