First Step to Waist Management...

First Step To Waist Management: Clean Your Carbs

 by Mitch Booth

Just in time for post Super Bowl food rehab, Love Whole Foods has partnered with our friends at Garden of Life (headquartered in West Palm Beach) to help all of us get off to a healthier new year. The best way to start is by losing the weight put on since turkey day. Being cooped up with the cold weather hasn’t helped. So what is the first step? Clean your CARBS… no not the ones you are thinking… start with cleaning the second largest organ of the body: the gut. You can do all the fad diets, eat all the mystery diet foods, exercise yourself senseless, you will still not lose weight. Okay, five pounds. It doesn’t count—that’s just inflammatory water weight.

What Love Whole Foods has done since November, is provide tools to break the cycle of inflammation in our bodies. You start at the food processing/absorption center, which, like our cars has to have regular “oil” changes. We need to initiate good bowel ecology daily… not every three thousand miles. I was just watching a health seminar put on by Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D., at his Arizona Wellness Center. His best friend Dr. Terry Willard, CI, PhD, (head of the Wild Rose College of Natural Healing—Canada), summarized over thirty years of body ecology with this adage: “Out with the old” always precedes “in with the new.” This is particularly appropriate whenever starting a new body shaping program. You must get rid of the toxic accretions in the large and small intestines, along with the gall bladder (clogged gall bladders account for the most common surgery in the United States), the liver, and lymphatic system. If the colon is bound up, we cannot process or even absorb critical nutrients—B vitamins like B12 and Vitamin K —are just a couple. If the bowel is not hydrated, if there is insufficient fiber, both water soluble and fat soluble, then the bowel can become impacted and inflammation sets in. All the new gut diseases (IBS, Crohns, and Celiac) are signs of a gut on fire.

Now the good news. Garden of Life has commissioned Dr. Willard to create a simple, non toxic product which gently “puts out the fire” in twelve days. In addition to the proven herbs which soothe the lining of an irritated colon, the formula restores the delicate acid/alkaline balance needed to aid digestion. It also helps eliminate the toxic residue generated in the process of digesting food. Here is a great quote I heard by Dr. Bernie Siegel, M.D. (preeminent U.S. oncologist) make at a colon cancer seminar: “If you don’t eliminate them (daily toxic waste), the body has no choice but to recycle them. There is little wonder in that colon cancer has be-come the number one cancer in America.”

Now the first step is easy. Garden of Life has packaged Dr. Willard’s formula into a twelve day kit. It includes a day by day plan to clean your carbs—cylinders—and wiring harness. It’s gentle and Garden of Life guarantees it! What about those other CARBS? There isn’t a reader of this column that doesn’t know that “simple” carbs (Super Bowl food) put weight on while “complex” carbs help balance insulin levels and provide lasting satiety. Think French fries versus whole grain brown rice. One has a high glycemic indeed (75) while the later has a low glycemic index of 55. The rice not only has a higher nutrient content, but it also has insoluble fiber, a better energy ex-change which leads to controlled insulin /blood sugar levels. Remember fiber is only found in the vegetable kingdom. Dr. Brian Randal M.D. (NYU’s Langone Medical Center), states, “that diets high in healthy fiber repeatedly have been shown to reduce the risk of premature death due to elevated blood fats, obesity, CVD, cancer, and type 2 diabetes.” Now, this is the second step to waist management. Start your day with a meal replacement/energy shake that provides the type of fiber and protein that does the following: burn fat, satisfy hunger without cravings, and provide sustained energy. Garden of Life has done just that with their new RAW FIT meal replacement powder. Available in two great lasting flavors, both feature the gentle metabolism booster of Dr. Oz’s favorite: green coffee bean extract. Both utilize the kind of fiber advocated by Dr. Randall—easily absorbed in liquid form. Both are hypoallergenic: no soy, dairy, or gluten. Both are vegan and meet RAW processing standards to preserve vitality. Most importantly, both feature 100 percent certified organic ingredients as well as being Non GMO verified. As the largest organic food resource in Volusia County, this “whole food” meal replacement helps us meet our New Years goal: become the largest Non GMO/gluten free verified resource in our community. You can bet your gut on that field goal.

These two steps use two products that are so effective, we give you a money back guarantee. In addition to Dr. Willard’s guide, The Raw Fit features a beautiful thirty page booklet with meal plans, tips, and real life testimonials. Come on in. Get off the couch—take these first steps—don’t WAIST any more time. Take that first step. It will change the rest of your life.

Peggy Van Cleef