Getting Better & Better

Getting All of Us BETTER & BETTER

by Mitch Booth

I began writing this article while the weather forecasters were still trying to figure out how bad Irma would impact our beautiful state. What I knew then, and what I know now: We would ride out another hurricane just like we did a year ago. The damage to our community has been extensive. We can’t control what has been done, but we can each take measures to manage the physical stress of those who stayed and those whose lives have been terribly impacted. What we want to do is try to minimize the physical and mental stress on our bodies. We can choose not to be victims of Irma twice.

Here are some suggestions for an individual HURRICANE RECOVERY PROGRAM. First, get a “whole food” multiple vitamin. We have all been forced to eat convenience foods at worst; military MRE’s, spam, or canned beans and franks at best. The bottom line is we need a supplement to shore up B vitamins and essential minerals depleted while we have cleaned up in this heat. Combined with adequate water, these supplements prevent sore joints, leg cramps, and help detoxify the body after breathing mold displaced by fallen trees. Then there are the fumes from generators and chainsaws. They also provide energy without sugar and caffeine. My current favorite is Natural Factor’s Whole Earth & Sea formulas. I have discussed this product line in my article called “From Canada with Love.” (Go to for more discussion.)

My second recommendation is to take our number one selling adrenal support supplement: Adrenal Sense. We have been working days cleaning up; no electricity, no cell phones. Cortisol levels are off the chart. Combine this with poor sleep (without air conditioning), add margi “adrenals” above water. It is one of Dr. Oz’s Top Ten essentials. Remember, when your adrenals crash, you don’t sleep. If you don’t sleep, your immune system runs down, and then, right when the cold season is about to begin, you get nailed. Read the latest Harvard Medical Sleep Medicine Newsletter (7/15/2017) connecting sleep deprivation and chronic illnesses. More importantly, it causes poor physical performance, especially when using power tools. If the heat is making sleep difficult, try Natural Factor’s Sun Theanine: clinically proven to help “recharge the body’s batteries” to get up refreshed and get back to work.

Just when our community could use a helping hand, Natural Factors has launched their newest wellness weapon: pharmaceutical grade Oregano Oil in capsules. Sourced from wildcrafted European standardized oregano, this product is unique with its high levels of carvacrol and low levels of thymol and rosmarinic acid. With studies going back to 1910 (Dr. W. H. Martindale) along with the newest research from the University of Bologna, the carvacrol phenol has been shown to destroy Candida Albicans, Aspergillus mold (think all of Florida), Klebsiella, E. Coli, as well as Giardia and Staphylococcus! Along with its antiviral properties, this plant is basically an immune boosting modulator. This is just what all of us need right now.

Please, don’t be a victim of this hurricane twice. Make a new choice to come out of this the way we did after Hurricane Matthew: better and stronger. This store was here after Andrew, after the ‘canes of 2004, Matthew, and now Irma. Got pain – get Theracumin. Can’t sleep – get Sun Theanine. Have your allergies gone crazy – try the new Oreganol capsules. Now that’s the first step on the path to getting all better and staying that way.

Peggy Van Cleef