Good vs. Bad: Get Perfect Cholesterol

Good vs. Bad: Get Perfect Cholesterol

by Mitch Booth

In my article entitled BEAT ALZHIEMERS: REMEMBER YOUR EFA’S (find it at, I promised to address the myth that high cholesterol leads to heart disease. Every reader should be aware that the FDA has proposed changing the threshold at which statin cholesterol drugs would be prescribed. The result would double the number of patients taking them. Nearly 30 percent of adult Americans would be taking a drug requiring liver enzyme monitoring EVERY six months.

When Dr. Michael Murray came to Ormond Beach, his presentation described cardiovascular disease as inflammatory heart disease. He presented an immense body of medical research showing that the underlying cause of heart disease is a response to general inflammation of the body. No, God didn’t create good (HDL) cholesterol and then goof up and make bad (LDL) cholesterol. That’s simply an oxymoron. These Cholesterols were assigned to balance each other – so that every cell in the body can utilize them properly. One nutraceutical that can break this cycle of inflammation is curcumin from the herb turmeric. Dr. Murray presented the science (and the human clinical trials) being done with his Theracumin product. Curcumin was also extremely effective in preventing Type II diabetes which is a major factor in heart disease.

This link between cholesterol, heart disease, and diabetes led him to write a new book called: Cholesterol and Heart Health. In this easy to read text, he analyzes what happens to our bodies (especially our livers) when satin drugs are employed to make “quick fixes” to cholesterol levels without addressing the underlying cause of the imbalance. The stunning array of side effects, both short and long term, are thoroughly covered. Ladies take note that the data shows a correlation of Type II diabetes with long term statin use.

So what is Dr. Murray’s alternative to these drugs? Break the cycle of inflammation by getting some exercise (as little as 15-20 minutes every other day), some natural sleep and some really good organic heart healthy food. This led to a discussion of heart healthy supplements: niacin, Omega 3 fish oils and plant sterols. His favorite plant sterol is called SYTRINOL. This is a patented standardized extract from natural citrus and red palm fruit extract…a Dr. Oz favorite. When taken with no flush niacin, Sytrinol resulted in blood lipid profiles equal to or better than proprietary statin drugs with the only side effect being mild flushing for those sensitive to niacin. Dr. Murray also added standardized Hibiscus flower to help control blood pressure at the same time. This new product is called Advanced Cholesterol Formula and results can be seen with a lipid blood test in ninety days. Just take two tablets (AM/PM) per day. When the profile is balanced, just take one per day to maintain.

These results are exciting for two reasons: doctors now have a non-toxic tool which can work along with statins, if you choose to take them, to help get the cholesterol profile they want. Doctors also have an alternative for those patients who cannot tolerate statins or who are concerned about the very real risk with long term use. If you think you don’t need to be concerned with a statin that requires blood monitoring every six months, then keep taking the drug but do so along with COQ10 as the FDA recommends. If these drugs are not working or you are concerned that the side effects are worse than the disease remember: you now have a choice.

Insure your health by choosing to exercise, by making balanced food choices and take clinically proven supplements to reach your wellness goals. Now that’s a recipe that pays dividends for years to come.

Peggy Van Cleef