Kick Cancer & Hug Your Brain Too

Kick Cancer and Hug Your Brain Too

by Mitch Booth

Over the last two months, I have attended memorial services for three members of our community whose lives have been terminated by cancer. I attended two other services for those whose minds were snuffed out by a new scourge: Alzheimer’s. This new disease is even more frightening than cancer as, currently, there are no effective drug treatments for this mind robbing disease. At least with cancer there are options for treatment: conventional standard of care, complementary and alternative therapies. In the twenty five years that LOVE WHOLE FOODS has been serving this community, we have seen major changes in our treatment of cancer; including our partnering with the new cancer treatment center located just down the road at Florida Hospital. Since this hospital has an affiliation with the Seventh Day Adventist Church, there is a close link to our mission statement. Unpolluted water, air, and food was meant to be our most trusted medicine as intended by our Creator.

When I look back on 2014, I am proud to be associated with the natural products industry and the ongoing seminars we have provided. We have finally had an impact on how we deal with chronic disease in this country. We now have the attention of the medical community with products whose clinical trials have now validated their potency, safety, AND effectiveness.

 One nutraceutical, turmeric/curcumin, is now being researched at major cancer fighting institutions like MD Anderson and the Moffitt Cancer Centers, as well as the Baylor University Cancer is also the key element in Ayruvedic medicine’s goal of supporting the body’s natural inflammatory response. As discussed in previous articles, systemic inflammation is the root cause of most degenerative diseases- cancer being its ultimate expression. It is ironic that a century ago, turmeric’s active compound, curcurmin, was isolated. This element gives turmeric its vibrant color. Over the years, the health benefits of this nutraceutical have been studies but clinical trials designed to replicate its cancer fighting properties (as well as other benefits) were dogged by absorption problems. Taking as much as twelve grams of concentrated curcumin powder (not the spice turmeric) failed to be detected in the blood. This lack of absorption meant that the body was breaking it down into other compounds before it reached the tissues being studied. Nutraceutical companies have now solved the problem of both absorption and reasonable dosing levels.

Natural Factors, based in Vancouver, has taken the lead in developing a proprietary formulation of natural curcumin (not a drug analog) called Theracurmin, which utilizes this new delivery system. The result is a dramatic increase in the absorption of curcumin compared to all other commercial forms as evidence by serum testing. At equal dosing levels, Theracurmin produces blood levels in HUMAN studies 300 times greater than regular curcumin supplements! (Dr. H. Saski, PhD., Improved Bioavailability, Biol. Pharm. Bull., 2011, 34:660-5).

Natural Factors has allowed new research to proceed validating curcumin’s multiple benefits using controlled, replicable methodology just like with pharmaceutical drugs. These layered benefits come with virtually no side effects, other than beneficial ones. This is precisely why leading cancer treatment centers like MD Anderson Cancer Center and Baylor Research Institute, Dallas, are now doing research not only of curcumin’s anti-cancer cell activity, but also for its beneficial effects when used in conjunction with conventional chemo treatment, such as reducing the impact of nausea and pain following those treatments. It is a complementary therapy which your doctor may investigate with our assistance at LOVE WHOLE FOODS. For more information, contact these renowned institutions for the latest updates.

The raw curcumin is sourced from India. Their medical journal, Annals of the Indian Academy of Neurology, has published dozens of studies that show curcumin can stop and, in some cases, reverse the neural degeneration of Alzheimer’s. When combined with Omega-3 essential fatty acids, inflammation of the entire human organism can be eased including the brain. Folks, AD is now affecting 4.5 million Americans, including 50% of all seniors past 80 years. Your best insurance policy for avoiding both cancer and AD: make food your medicine and work daily on prevention.

Want more information? Come into either store and pick up free support literature. Dr. Murray’s “How to Treat and Prevent Cancer” is also available, which is endorsed by The Cancer Treatment Centers of America. ]Now that’s a great way to start the new year! Be happy, healthy, and smart, too!


Peggy Van Cleef