Pain, Pain, Go Away

Pain, Pain, Go Away

by Mitch Booth

During the past month, we have been working hard at Love Whole Foods to make pain die along with the underlying inflammation it signifies. We started off by celebrating our 27th anniversary the week of Valentine’s (not just a day). We also did a week long promotion of all our local vendors that not only share our values, but our passion for making our community whole, healthy and wealthy. Love Whole Foods was also privileged to be selected by Halifax Hospital to be a corporate sponsor of their Healthy Heart Awareness campaign for February. The campaign traveled to numerous locations in eastern Volusia. As the only resource devoted to food as medicine, we presented the heart health benefits of aged garlic extracts published by Wakunaga (Kyolic)along with healthy food choices. Want to see our involvement? Check out the My Health magazine insert in Sunday’s News Journal (3/19/17 pg. 22) which shows staff and family making a difference in our community’s health. So what’s the connection to “pain”? Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s are all diseases of inflammation: either silent inflammation like high blood pressure and the early stages of cancer or the overt pain like a heart attack or swollen joints. The standard of care is to use over the counter drugs or prescription drugs. The result has been evolving for decades leading to a new epidemic of opiate addiction. The CDC (cdc. gov) just published their newest report to congress: from 2000 to 2015, 500,000 American citizens died from drug overdoses. “Since 1999, the amount of prescription opioids sold in the U.S. nearly quadrupled, yet there is no evidence to substantiate any overall change in the amount of pain that Americans report.” Currently, 95 Americans die of opioid overdose every day.

The bottom line is that prescription drugs may give relief of symptoms, but, when the drug wears off the underlying source of the pain is still there. The side effects of the long term drug use can have serious health consequences. So what is the smarter solution? Enter Terry Lemerond, founder of Euro- Pharma, Terry Naturally and Enzymatic Therapy, one of this country’s pioneers in natural healing. In his forty year career, he has changed the health care landscape by introducing science based evidence for nutraceutical products that don’t just mask disease symptoms, but actually resolve underlying metabolic dis-ease. His goal: restore homeostasis and balance, which leads to true health and wellbeing.

Terry’s long history of introducing nutraceuticals like MegaZyme, St. John’s Wort, glucosamine sulfate, and cat’s claw have now been superseded by his greatest formulations: Curamin and CuraMed. These products contain pharmaceutical grade turmeric which has made this Indian spice a household word. These products are not just ground up turmeric. They are patented formulations utilizing unique curcuminoids extracted from the turmeric plant. The benefits of these products were so remarkable that I leased a billboard on I-95 just down from Florida Hospital. The headline: Got Pain? Apparently, a lot of people do. The response led to an outdoor tent event where over 120 folks came to hear Terry give a presentation on eliminating pain. One of the highlights of the evening came when a woman gave a testimonial in which she knew she was in trouble when she needed to take four Lortabs (acetaminophen and hydroco- done—see to get through the day. She quietly described how she chose to wean herself off the drug and replace them with Curamin Extra Strength. It took four months. She chose to share her story because it changed her life and wanted to help others.

What happens next is a testament to Terry Lemerond. On March 5th, staff, my wife, and I attended a seminar held in Atlanta dedicated to the latest research on his BCM-95 Curcumin and CuraMed formulations. Heading the event was Dr. Ajay Goel, PhD., research director of Gastrointestinal cancer Research Laboratory at Baylor University Medical Research Center in Dallas, Texas. We were presented with what is referred to in the medical arena as science based evidence showing how CuraMed was being used as an adjunctive supplement with patients undergoing chemotherapy for colorectal cancer. The results were remarkable, not only because of the integrity of the research, but because Cura- Med improved quality of life by reducing pain and discomfort as well as producing more favorable treatment outcomes. Highly absor- bable curcumin has also been used and studied at MD Anderson and Moffitt Cancer Centers. This nutraceutical is used in their treatment programs because it has been found to help make chemo and radiation therapy more effective, to reduce side effects and enhance a patient’s quality of life primarily in pain management without drugs. The ultimate goal is more successful outcomes for cancer patients.

This seminar showed that Curamin and CuraMed research had layered side effects: reduced liver toxicity, reduced chemo brain fog, as well as reducing irritable bowel syndrome to name just a few. Want to know more about this research? Come in and pick up a free CD outlining the published medical research.

Peggy Van Cleef