Reverse Aging: Kiss Your Cells With Resveratrol

Reversing Aging: Kiss Your Cells With Resveratrol!

by Mitch Booth

We are approaching the holiday weekend and the beginning of summer sun exposure. Simply put, intense light radiation, whether in a tanning bed or from Mr. Sun, not only accelerates the normal replication of skin cells, but causes chromosomal damage which can then increase the risk of skin cancer. Acceleration of the aging process is a certainty. So how do you protect yourself? Use a trusted and clinically validated SPF sun block cream and avoid intense sun exposure. Don’t allow yourself or children to get repeatedly sun burned. My daughter is a beach patrol officer and she uses a zinc compound. It is not only a nearly opaque sun block but zinc helps repair the mitochondria where the cells RNA/DNA damage takes place. It is part of how zinc “fights colds”—it strengthens our cells. There is a food, rich in zinc, that through history has enjoyed a nearly universal reputation for “joie de vivre” and vitality: grapes and the wine made from them.

Now science has recently isolated the secret ingredient in grapes which accounts for the remarkable effect of grapes on our wellbeing. It is an antioxidant/anti-aging nutraceutical called Resveratrol. This food extract was isolated by an ecologically oriented biochemist named Peter Voight. He spent years studying how grapes naturally fight fungus and repel bacteria on their skin. The result—he isolated the polyphenol that accounts for wines reputation through history as a vitalizing drink.

In 2006, the internet played a critical role in uniting Peter’s discovery with the anti-aging work being driven by Dr. David Sinclair, head of the anti-aging laboratory at Harvard University. The Voight Resveratrol was thoroughly analyzed in chemical studies on humans. The results were remarkable—increased cellular endurance, increased muscle strength, and the restoration of memory cells. Indeed, the research showed a restorative impact directly on cellular DNA which cross linked to the genes that dictate longevity.

The end result of this collaboration from vineyard to laboratory was summed up by Dr. Joseph Maroon, M.D. in his book The Longevity Factor (pg 75 Atria Books, 2009): “Drs. David Sinclair and Joseph Bauer, (Harvard Univ. researchers) have shown “there is growing evidence that Resveratrol can prevent or delay the onset of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, pathological inflammation as well as viral/fungal infections.”

Folks please read that again! No wonder Dr. Oz calls it the most important medical discovery since aspirin. He states on his website: “I am taking 500mg of Resveratrol (250 mg two times a day) as an essential wellness reassurance.” He goes on to make the connection between the JAMA study on pure cod liver oil and Resveratrol’s ability to slow the aging process by preserving the telomeres of a cell’s DNA. Telomeres are the caps that hold the double helical strands together. Preserve the telomeres and cell longevity is preserved. Come into either store and pick up a free copy of this land mark study, JAMA, February 19, 2010.

Ah, but to smart boomers reading this article: “I’ll just get some wine and drink my way to health!” Not so fast. The research was done with the extract taken directly from the grape mash using the skins from the Vitis Vinifera muscadine grapes. When the extract was taken from wine, the alcohol was shown to have a negative effect. It was toxic to liver cells. Detoxification uses up to 80 percent of the energy your body devotes to making replacement energy for the mitochondria. Your liver is in charge of this process. If it is overloaded, which is the case for most Americans, you don’t maintain that feeling of being vitalized, especially the morning after drinking.

Want to experience optimal health while slowing the aging process? Then try Natural Factors Resveratrol Concentrate. It utilizes the same levels of Resveratrol used in the medical research. In addition, this company’s founder, Roland Gahler, has set new standards for the nutraceutical industry in North America. He has raised the bar by:

1. Purchasing five million dollars worth of equipment to test all raw materials for heavy metal contamination as well as GMO contamination for all Natural Factors products.

2. He no longer uses capsules sourced from China because of heavy metal and other contaminates. He now uses vegetarian capsules sourced in Canada.

3. Because of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Natural Factors now tests for radiation contamination in sea vegetables and fish derivatives sourced from the Pacific Ocean. This simply means integrity.

This is why Love Whole Foods has enjoyed being associated with a company whose core values are in harmony with our own. As we prepare to enter our third decade of serving our community, we invite you to try for yourself the benefits of Resveratrol. 

Come on in, get out of the mid-day sun, and tie some telomeres with us. Your DNA will thank you. Besides, I want everyone looking “Lovely” for that thirtieth birthday party that will be coming soon.

Peggy Van Cleef