The Flu: Revenge Of Chickens, Pigs, And Bats

The Flu: Revenge Of Chickens, Pigs, And Bats

by Mitch Booth

Back in ’05, I wrote about the new health crisis: would the Swine Flu, carried by Chinese pigs, mutate with the N5H1 Avian Flu virus, carried by chickens in Singapore? Now the new health crisis is focused on Ebola (google Newsweek: cover May 22, 1995 entitled Killer Virus). I have a copy framed in my office. The cable networks are now beating the pandemic drum daily. I am inviting the community to again research National Geographic’s cover story on the 1918 pandemic, October 2005, to get a wellness reality check. The scientists describe how we are all exposed, with every breath, to a barrage of bacteria, viruses, and fungi spores. They invade us through digestion, touch, and breathing. What is most comforting in the research is that we have an immune system, which has an arsenal of weapons to fight invaders. The critical insight was how not to cripple this God-given defense network.

Healthy hygiene is the first line of defense. First: wash your hands with hot, soapy water—then rinse them again. Second, when sneezing, use a tissue—not your elbow! Teach your children this survival skill: cover the mouth when sneezing in public. Then don’t shake hands. Donald Trump doesn’t shake hands with anyone. He is certainly onto something there. Third: practice regular waste elimination. Drink lots of non-chlorinated, non-fluorinated water to help cleanse the liver and kidneys. When you don’t reach this goal, you end up drowning in cellular debris. Fourth: work on eliminating emotional stress, nutritional stress (junk food), and the stress caused by inactivity. These elements are all linked to compromised immune systems for children and adults. The most important goal: a good diet and refreshing sleep. Why does the flu season come in the winter months? Because the holiday season imparts tremendous stress, causing poor sleep patterns. We forget to eat those fruits and veggies and we let the sugar and refined carbs win. Let’s get back to the chickens. The solution is to eat healthier proteins—organic chicken that has no hidden antibiotics or GMO hormones. Try free-range beef, especially buffalo with its incredible Vitamin K2, and wild salmon with its Vitamin D and Omega-3s. The Ebola virus has been tracked down to the protein in a staple food in the Congo basin called bushmeat. It contained contaminated bat meat.

The Africans consume millions of tons of this cheap protein source. We can make clean food choices.

Another winter weapon is to let culinary herbs be your medicine and help stimulate a strong immune system. Herbs, like rosemary, thyme, and cinnamon are all Nutraceuticals that weaponize our immune systems. The king of all nutraceuticals for boosting immune functions and fighting the common cold is Echinacea purpurea. In a classic doubleblind study completed by the University of Alberta, Canada (J. Cln. Pharm. Ther. 2004; 29:75-83) showed significant relief from the disease of seasonal colds—including the acute flu symptoms. The standardized Echinacea extract from Natural Factor’s Echinamide was the agent em-ployed to give relief to over 282 cold and flu sufferers. The dosage used was four Echinamide softgels (1ml each) per day taken with meals plus one at bedtime. Natural Factors has created an even more powerful formula, which is potentiated with astragulus, reishi mushroom extract, and licorice for added upper respiratory relief. This is available in liquid form and can be combined with juice for children. The adult dosage is the same at four 1ml droppers spread through the day. Both products utilize Natural Factor’s Echinamide Echinacea shown to be effective in the Alberta study.

Ongoing research has demonstrated that the root and flower of this plant contain powerful polysaccarides which have an affinity for stimulating the human thymus gland. That makes sense since the thymus gland makes NK killer T-cells and macrophages. These big eaters are the antibodies our immune system uses to attack foreign invaders, especially important in attacking mutating viruses like the bird flu. My final advice: to make the holiday even happier, make the good food choices. Make sure the food is GMO contaminate free.

Peggy Van Cleef