The Good, The Bad, & The Sad

The Good The Bad And The Sad

by Mitch Booth

A recent headline story in the News Journal (Nov.5.15) caught my attention: Retired Deland Doctor Sues Drug Company; Over Stroke. Dr. Bent Schlapper, M.D. alleges in his lawsuit that the popular NSAID drug called Celebrex was responsible for the stroke he suffered. The stroke was so severe he could no longer practice medicine. This event while very sad, is by no means unique. Every reader has watched daily television adverts for pharmaceuticals. We listen to an endless stream of side effects delivered in monotone with actors smiling and laughing away. Why Dr. Schalpper was not aware of the known heart risk for COX-2 Inhibitors/NSAID is not revealed. His stroke may have occurred prior to the FDA’s warning about using this pain med on a daily basis. Our community has now lost a gifted physician who served us for thirty years. That is really bad and sad. A second article in the same paper reported that a special senate committee is investigating several drug companies for exorbitant price increases. Some of these drugs have risen 5000% in one year. (Google EpiPens or Duraprim- New York Times 9.20.15.) CEO’s have been subpoenaed, documents collected. There will be lots of grand standing and not much else.

So how are the two articles related? In ways every reader understands. As Dr. Schlapper M.D. pursues his lawsuit two things, in all likelihood, will happen: the settlement will not be disclosed or even reported and the drug company will simply pass the settlement onto the cost of the drug. Very real, very sad. So what’s the point? Over the last twenty-five years LOVE WHOLE FOODS has striven to provide the finest nutraceuticals available to our community. These have been pharmaceutical grade food supplements that provide therapeutic results.

They are clinically tested with evidence based science to verify their efficacy with minimal to no side effects. What I have seen consistently over the years is this. When negative press reports about a drug saturates the media, what follows is an all-out media blitz designed to invalidate the safety of nutritional supplements and ridicule the concept that food integrity is essential to human/animal health. The first assault is always that the health food industry is not regulated.

Folks, this is simply an ugly lie perpetuated by the largest influence pedaling institution in Washington: the chemical/pharmaceutical industry. Now for the truth: All dietary food supplements are required to be manufactured under strict guidelines establishing congressional laws. Those laws are regulated by the FDA. Called GMP’s (Good Manufacturing Practices). The FDA has full power to remove from the shelf any product that is shown to be dangerous to consumers, that is adulterated or is not label compliant. The vast majority of tainted products, usually weight loss products, energy pills and drinks are sold in gas stations, convenience stores and especially on the internet. All of us remember when ephedra weight loss products sold in the mall were abused, the FDA banned them. That was good. But what about the hundreds of thousands of Americans who are sickened by foods purchased in their local supermarket or by their prescription drugs? Sadly again, some even die. Compare this to the risk of illness associated with dietary food supplements. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has confirmed that well manufactured (GMP) nutraceuticals, wholefood or herbal, are safe and zero people die from their use. Read the following report


106,000 Americans die in 2013 from toxic reactions to prescription drugs

22,665 deaths annually from prescription drug overdoses

16,500 deaths directly attributed to complications of all NSAID’s (attention Dr. Schlapper)


2014: 150 million people in the US take vitamins or herbal supplements on a daily basis

3,249 adverse annual events associated with dietary supplements: that’s less than .0002% for the amount consumed

ZERO deaths annually due to any dietary supplement

(Get a free copy of these statistics at either LOVE WHOLE FOODS store to share with your doctor)

This good news is what LOVE WHOLE FOODS has shared with the thousands of customers over twenty-five years. We have done this by featuring preeminent, name brand supplement lines like Natural Factors. My last two articles described their new Whole Earth and Sea line. This wholefood sourced supplement line exceeds GMP standards. It is created directly from Organic/GMO-Free produce: farm to formulation in a matter of hours. More good news comes in the science employed by Dr. Michael Murray to create a natural COX-2 Inhibitor derived from the unique properties of turmeric called Theracumin; this nutraceutical works in many cases as effective as Celebrex but with these side effects: helps with balancing blood sugar, with hypertension as well as memory and depression. Dr. Murray’s research has shown that Theracumin is also compatible with nearly all medications.

So now for the best news. The entire line of Natural Factors products is on sale at 20% off for the month of November…including Theracumin regular and extra strength. Buy any Natural Factors products and get a bottle of their VIT D3 free! It’s just one more reason to be thankful for the gift of health this holiday. Be glad, not sad- With lots of LOVE from all of our dedicated team members.

Peggy Van Cleef