Two Smiths Go To Washington


by Mitch Booth

It began September 10th. Irma landed in the Keys – and it’s not over as we struggle to rebuild our community and hopefully help those still devastated in Puerto Rico. Another casualty of this storm were the vital news stories that got missed or overlooked. The most important of these was the revelation that our nation’s largest credit monitoring bureau allowed itself to be hacked, allowing the identities of 143 million Americans to be put at risk. More troubling than the obvious threat ws the revelation that the CEO of Equifax (Forbes estimates this corporation makes 3.1 billion dollars per year) knew about the breach FIVE MONTHS before the public disclosure, which was right when Irma was ripping up our state. The total lack of foresight by Mr. Richard Smith to protect the digital assets of a company whose only asset is your digital information has led to a bipartisan congressional investigation. Mr. Smith’s going to Washington, after clearing out his desk – or more accurately, his executive suite.

Now let’s talk about another Mr. Smith. Jeffery M. Smith from Fairfield, Iowa. He has been called before a congressional hearing concerning the State of California’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessments. It has come to their attention that this agency has added the most commonly used herbicide in the United States, Round-Up, to its list of chemicals that are known to “cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm.” Thankfully, our elected officials didn’t read the LA Times Op-Ed page (April 27, 2017) that accused their own states’ scientists of siding with “environmental extremists and pseudoscientists.”

So what does this have to do with Equifax? Just watch one of my favorite Capra movies with Jimmy Stewart: “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.” I state without apology that America is great. However, it was even greater in 1939, when this story of political arrogance, corporate hidden agendas, and cynicism was put up on the silver screen. Now let’s make a comparison: Mr. Richard Smith made 15 million dollars in 2016 along. CNN reports he has made a total of 122 million dollars in total compensation since he began heading up Equifax. Congress wants to know how much personal stock was liquidated before the hack was made public. As a graduate of Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science, I hope he was smart enough not to do an Enron.

Jeffrey Smith, on the other hand, graduated from a no-name university and ran for Congress to represent citizens of Iowa. He now works for a non-profit institute, which monitors the influence of giant chemical companies like DuPont and gen-tech companies like Monsanto. With concern for his family’s health, he created two documentaries: “Genetic Roulette” and “GMO-OMG.” These were so thoroughly researched, so provocative, that Love Whole Foods chose to show them three years running at Cinematique, on Halloween Eve. Our shared goal: stimulate awareness of the impending dangers to our food supply and to its health consequences.

Is Mr. Smith “anti-science?” Hardly. Watch the videos and research ALL of the science. But if you want to understand that science is a business, read his latest book: “Truth in Science Under Attack or Genetic Engineering in the Magnetic Field of Money.”

So we have two Mr. Smiths going to Washington. One will sit before Congress and be chastised and then forgotten. The other will continue his “activism” and inspire others to seek the truth about what is happening to the vitality of our food.

In my last article, “Getting All of Us Better & Better,” I invited our readers to decide not to be victims of Irma twice. Make simple choices which help us renew our stressed-out immune systems with wholesome food and optimal quality supplements.

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Peggy Van Cleef