Whey To Go

Whole Family Wellness: Whey To Go

by Mitch Booth

Sunday’s Parade magazine cover story featured a football tailgate food theme which spot-lights America’s favorite “brown food” group. Simple to prepare, snack foods are high in calories but low in nutrients. The emphasis is more on the sweet/sour velvety tongue appeal of sour cream than whether the chili ravioli was deep fried in GMO corn oil. America is beginning to fight back in the Waistline Super Bowl and the quarterbacks are Doctor Moms.

With the kids going back to school or to college, working moms are looking for a way to boost the day’s most important meal: breakfast. How can you get the protein value associated with eggs without cooking? Get out the blender and simply drink a morning meal or snack. Natural Factors has developed a new whey protein powder derived from the milk of free range grass fed cows. For growing children and adults, whey protein is the gold standard for having the highest biological value: the measurement of how well a protein retains nitrogen and how useable it is to the body. Simply put, high nitrogen absorption enhances that gain. Compared to other proteins, whey contains the highest concentration of branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s) which serve as a critical fuel source for skeletal muscles. During periods of metabolic stress (school, work, and exercise), BCAA’s help maintain or increase muscle mass and help prevent fat storage. It also stabilizes blood sugar, which is why it is so effective with hyperactive children or adults to stay on task or focus. Read Dr. Michael Lyon’s, MD, book, Is Your Brain Starving? It is a great read for parents and is available at both our stores.

Called Whey Factors, this new protein powder supplies the muscle enhancing BCAA’s: L-leucine, Lisoleusine and L-valine along with several building block amino acids. Dr. Oz continues to promote these amino acids. Valine, for example, is one of those that supports optimal body shaping and muscle definition. Natural Factors proprietary formulation retains the natural goodness of whey using only milk from Canadian cows. Canada, unlike the U.S., does not allow the genetically modified hormones rBGH and BSE to be injected into their cattle. This also supports Love Whole Foods whole milk standard: No GMO/ hormones. These contaminants are dangerous and pose a health risk, especially for growing children.

So why whey? The most researched aspect of whey protein is its benefit to our immune system. High in the amino acid cysteine, whey factors provides the critical antioxidant called glutathione which is essential to proper immune system health. Glutathione stimulates anti-body production as well as triggering enzyme actions which vanquish foreign invaders. Mom, that helps your child fight infections they may be exposed to at school. For the rest of us, this means fighting the flu or even cancer. Go online and download the April 1, 2013, issue of Time Magazines cancer cover story. It is dedicated to the whole new interdisciplinary approach to fighting a scourge that now touches 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women in their lifetime. Read the section on the gene link and you will understand why you want to be cognizant of GMO tainted food. Stay tuned as we will be promoting GMO awareness the entire month of October at both our stores. The science is definitive. A 2010 human clinical study published in Jama showed the results of a long term European trial called: The Diet, Obesity, And Genes Project (Google Diogenes Project) which confirms what earlier articles on diabetes have stated. Eating higher quality proteins without saturated fat along with low-glycemic index food resulted in the following: balanced blood sugar (no spikes), increased satiety (no need for dessert or snacks), and as overall decreased daily caloric intake. Get more nutrients, fewer calories which results in weight loss that stays lost.

Folks, if you are struggling with, waist management, dreading the coming football season, or you are a boomer flirting with metformin then read on. If you are a senior citizen trying to get muscle back after joining the zipper club, then there is a simple lifestyle change you can employ and it even tastes great! Just mix a scoop of Whey Factors in 8 ounces of water, almond, rice, or low fat organic milk. Then add the life changing benefits of essential fatty acids. Barleans organic flax oil with organic coconut oil is the best. Throw in some ice cubes and turn on the blender. You now have a brain busting/heart boosting power shake! Wow, a meal replacement that can build muscle, balance blood sugar, promote satiety, boost our immune systems, and fight Alzheimer’s—all that for $1.80/ serving— just under $2 if you add the omega oils.

Now you can score a touchdown with your brain, body, and well your wallet! Want to try a shake first? Visit our award winning café/juice bars at both locations and build your own shake! Then you can find out exactly which WHEY you can win for your whole family!

Peggy Van Cleef