Diabetes Is Optional

It is that time of the year again. The flu season looms and the fear of a transworld 1918 magnitude epidemic is used to coerce people to get a flu vaccine. So far, a hundred years later, we have managed to avoid a recurrence. Yet the world has embraced an epidemic that is just as devastating. Only it doesn’t have a season: it is 365 days long year in and year out, wreaking havoc on the world’s health care system, a disease impacting all of humanity. It is called Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) and it has now impacted the lives of 372 million men, women, and children (CBS News 11/14/2013), the WHO puts the figure at 422 million in 2015.

Since globalism is not politically popular, let’s just focus on the U.S. My favorite long-term medical study, the Framingham Heart Study, has documented a doubling of the number of T2D cases from 1970 to 1995. The American Diabetes Association (A.diabetes.org) states that in 2015, thirty million Americans or 9.5 percent of our entire population are victims of T2D.  What’s scary is that 7.2 million of the thirty million are not diagnosed which means their disease will progress without intervention. If untreated, this disease leads to:

1.    A 2 to 3 times increased risk of a heart attack (the leading cause of preventable death in the U.S.)

2.    A reduced blood flow to our limbs, head, and feet. It leads to neuropathy, the leading cause for amputation and blindness.

3.    Eventual kidney failure—think dialysis

Now that’s what I call an epidemic.

So these are the statistics that we have all heard in the mass media. What isn’t illuminated enough is the fact that, unlike Type 1 Diabetes, T2D is a choice. If you make lousy diet and lifestyle choices, it can lead to T2D and your quality of life and freedom are impacted. You make a different set of choices and you get happy, healthy, longevity as the outcome.

This means T2D is OPTIONAL. No other medical talent in our current medical landscape makes this fact clearer than Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D., Integrative Medical Practitioner. A fellow boomer, he managed to finish medical school while suffering from CFS and severe Fibromyalgia. He em-ployed natural alternatives to the drug therapies of the 70s and managed to restore his health. That success lead to his NY Times best seller Fatigued To Fantastic. We have sold his book for over twelve years. We have employed his solutions for CFS and systemic joint pain for over two decades. His newest publication is called Diabetes Is Optional! Here he applies his skills in integrative medicine to tackle the most serious epidemic facing America today. This easy to read non-medicalized book starts with a simple discussion of how insulin should work with the cells of our bodies and how contaminants allowed in our food supply have led to obesity in this country. When combined with stress, poor sleep, and sedentary life styles, we now have a condition we refer to as diabesity.

Let’s jump to the good news. Dr. Teitelbaum reveals the latest research on a plant from Mexico that has been used for centuries to control and often reverse hyperglycemia (high blood sugar). Not a drug, Hintonia Latiflora is derived from the bark of a tree unique to the Sonoran desert. The intense heat of its habitat stimulates the plant to produce alkaloids that have been shown, with sixty years of clinical studies, to reverse insulin resistance. This is the center of T2D dysfunction. It helps reestablish the cells ability to restore normal metabolic function by using their own in-sulin—not a synthetic analog. It is also compatible with SOC drug intervention.

The book further addresses other nutraceuticals, besides Hintonia, which can not only stop, but in many cases reverses peripheral neuropathy—the most serious side effect of T2D. Alpha lipoic acid when combined with Boswellia (Frankincense) has been thoroughly validated in the medical literature to preserve nerve function in both T1D and T2D. A great gift to those who suffer peripheral neuropathy.    

Has your latest wellness checkup shown a steady climb in fasting blood sugar? Has your A1C been creeping up? Is your Metformin not working by itself and your doctor wants to try one of those “new” drugs you see in the TV ads? Then make the choice to attend the free seminar being given at Love Whole Food’s main campus, one night only, Monday, January 14 at 7 p.m. This event, like the one we did in November with MIT’s Dr. Stephanie Seneff, will be standing room only. Please call to reserve a seat. Dr. Teitelbaum is considered one of this country’s foremost authorities on integrative medicine and is passionate in his mission to eradicate the most serious epidemic facing America’s healthcare system today.

Peggy Van Cleef