The New DDT

During a recent interview on my radio talk show, my co-host Lise Battaglia asked: “After nearly three decades of helping customers at LOVE WHOLEFOODS attain optimal health and well-being, what has changed?” I took a moment before replying: “People are generally sicker. It has gotten harder and harder to help folks become dis-ease free.” With all the new medical science and all the breakthroughs in ortho-molecular supplementation, I am seeing multi-layered chronic and systemic disease. It’s taking much longer to help customers resolve underlying conditions: thyroid dysfunction, bizarre food allergies, leaky gut and resultant brain dysfunction. The incidence of autoimmune conditions has exploded: Hashimoto’s disease, lupus, fibromyalgia and conditions like Crohn’s, gluten intolerance and IBS. Then, of course, there are the ultimates: cancer and type II diabetes. My feeling is that there has to be something pervasive impacting our environment that’s affecting all age groups. The answer came to me quite by accident when a close friend gave me a podcast featuring Dr. Stephanie Seneff, PhD., Senior Research Scientist at MIT’s Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. After listening to her presentation, I was stunned. Dr. Seneff calmly discussed her six year quest to how the brightest women at MIT (and America) were having autistic babies. She has now written over thirty peer reviewed articles on the impact of toxic chemicals being used in American agriculture. Dr. Seneff’s focus is on the most pervasive herbicide used worldwide, Round Up, whose principle ingredient is glyphosate. She thoroughly discussed how glyphosate, by design kills all living plants. As a bio-chemist, she analyzed how human ingestion creates a perfect disease environment. Suddenly, the dots connected: the pervasive gut dysbiosis leading to an explosion in neurological diseases affecting folks with no previous conditions, family history or genetic proclivity.

So just what is this glyphosate that’s gotten so much media attention? It is a synthesized amino acid derived from glycine, an essential building block for making proteins in both plants and animals. Dr. Seneff’s research showed how Monsanto’s scientists discovered that by altering just one element of this amino acid it becomes a deadly toxin to all plants (not just weeds) when sprayed with it. What about the humans who would be ingesting this herbicide when they ate the crop being protected from the nasty weed? Monsanto had developed seed stock that had been genetically modified to withstand glyphosate. To ascertain safety, Monsanto provided government regulators all the data they said showed that human’s cleared any exposure to glyphosate in two weeks.

And there is the heart of Dr. Seneff’s six year investigation. Our government allows the chemical manufacturer to provide the safety research. It is simply astounding that an agent known to kill all plant life might not warrant extra in-house government scrutiny to verify safety for humans and our environment. Remember, that this company, Monsanto, was responsible for the development of another plant defoliant, Agent Orange. Dr. Seneff’s scientific conclusion: glyphosate is toxic to humans, it is the DDT of our generation and it needs to be banned.

So how do we protect ourselves? First step, get educated. See the adjoining ad. Dr. Seneff will give a one night presentation. Sign up. Second: get tested. We now offer a urine test to determine the amount of exposure. No need for a prescription, the test is extremely accurate and the cost is under $100. How do we protect ourselves? Dr. Seneff makes it clear: eat organic and take supplements that are organic and WHOLE FOOD derived. Those “stinky” vegetables are excellent glyphosate detoxifiers. No supplement company fills that requisite better than Natural Factors. They own 1200 acres of pristine farmland in the Okanagan region of B.C. Canada. All of the produce used in their products are literally cultivated, harvested and sent to their plant down the street for final formulation. Every step is checked for purity. Since 2015 the independent lab ISSURA has tested for GMO and agri-chemical contamination in their products. The result: Natural Factors is the only company certified by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia (TGA). TGA certification is the world’s highest purity standard in our industry. Period.

Peggy Van Cleef