A Fat & Happy Brain

Make Your Brain Fat And Happy!
While at my desk writing this article (motivation: the Columbine II shootings 5/7), I am shocked to watch the TV monitor as another shooting at a Fort Lauderdale night club is reported… another senseless death. These events have been preceded by the suicide of a Deland High School senior on April 18th. How I started the morning: a News Journal report of a twenty three year old Bethune Cookman football player committing suicide in a public parking lot.  
What all these tragic events have in common is not guns. These individuals in our community have mental states so distorted that they perpetrate violent acts not only on themselves, but often on innocent bystanders. Their actions, suicide or murder, leave communities shattered, families traumatized, and the lives of innocents destroyed. May is National Mental Health Awareness month. There is no better time than now to initiate a national debate to address this epidemic of tragic self-inflicted terminations. Let me report the statistics from the News Journal’s expose (April 15-16, 2019) on fatal shootings in Volusia-Flagler counties in 2018: 112 deaths of which 80 percent, 89, were suicides. On a global scale: 800,000 per year according to the World Health Organization. In the U.S., suicide is the leading cause of death in 15 to 19 year olds! Obviously, the mental states of these people who commit acts of violence, like Sandy Hook and Columbine, can only be described as mentally ill.  What is finally happening in the medical field is a re-evaluation of the “standard of care” for mental illness: drug therapy. Over half of all Americans are on one or more prescription medications (Mayo Clinic Proceedings-2013 before the opiate explosion). Medical doctors and researchers are now examining just which chemicals are flowing through the neural pathways of those who commit these tragic acts.
This has led to the restriction of drugs, especially opiates, that are known to cause depression, especially after long time use and during withdrawal. At the same time renowned neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter, M.D. (from Naples) has written two books on optimal brain health. The greatest insight: what you put in your stomach manifests in neural plasticity of the brain, cognitive sharpness, and mood. His books make it clear: optimal mental expression is made by avoiding simple carbs and refined sugars. Good fats (Omega 3, 5, 6, 7 & 9), healthy proteins, and probiotics are critical to feed the human biome, a medical term identified with his book Grain Brain. This training was on the heels of the presentation on type 2 Diabetes by Dr. Jacob Teitlebaum, M.D., author of Fatigued To Fantastic. The number one food that acts as a drug: high fructose corn syrup created from GMO corn. This drug causes metabolic chaos leading to T2D as well as depression and Alzheimer’s, now being called Type 3 Diabetes. The second was alcohol which he described as the most abused drug in America. The link to mental illness and alcohol abuse is self-evident. I am proud to say: where alcohol sales are a critical profit center for mass market grocery stores, Love Whole Foods has never sold beer or wine, organic or otherwise. We have made a thirty year commitment to the health of our community, including substance abuse assistance.
The work of Dr. Teitlebaum, Dr. Perlmutter, as well as others owes a debt to Dr. Michael Lyon, M.D., Vancouver. His research and product development with Natural Factors has been a foundation to the new paradigm of functional medicine: food as medicine. That collaboration has led to what is simply the best neural/brain supplement line on the market today.  
Natural Factors calls it 3 Brain and each product targets specific neural imbalance. Serine Mind addresses daily stressors and mental fatigue. Mental Sunshine simply promotes, well, mental sunshine—no dark shadows. My favorite: 3 Brains Total. The box contains a once daily package of all the supplements discussed in our trainings: Omega 3 essential fatty acids, Phosphatidyl serine, and a phytosome curcumin (turmeric) complex, theraptuic probiotics, and much more. 
My relationship with Natural Factors and the work of Dr. Lyon goes back decades. Both stores are offering the entire Natural Factors product line at 25 percent off for the rest of May. Give your brain a mental health gift. Make your brain “fat” with the right food and supplements on sale! That will certainly make you feel good… and your brain happy too.

Peggy Van Cleef