To Be Or Not To Be T2D

News Flash (I am old school journalism): on Tuesday, June 25th my local newspaper, The News Journal, headlined that 14.2 percent of Volusia County residents have diabetes, Flagler County has 13.6 percent according to the Florida Health Department. The statewide average for Florida is 13.1 percent according to the CDC (cdc. gov/data). We are approaching 9.3 percent of the US population with diabetes 95 percent of whom have Type 2. The American Diabetes Association describes this situation in Florida as an epidemic. There are 2.3 million people in Florida that have been diagnosed with diabetes. There are another 579,000 who have diabetes and don’t know it. It’s a silent killer. Here’s the killer insight: there are an additional 5.8 million folks in our state (38.7 percent of the adult population) that have pre-diabetes. Their blood glucose levels higher than normal, but yet not high enough to be diagnosed as a diabetic. So why should you be concerned? The CDC’s latest cost estimates, just for Florida, is 24.3 billion dollars per year. The CDC confirmed this disclosure from my previous article entitled Diabetes Is Optional. Folks don’t die directly from diabetes, but from its complications: CVD/ heart disease, PAD, stroke, end-stage kidney disease, amputation, and blindness.
If I don’t have your attention yet, remember T2D is an autoimmune disease (unlike T1D) which can be monitored with a simple blood test called and A1C: it measures what percentage of hemoglobin (an oxygen carrying protein in red blood cells) is coated with sugar. The higher the number the more the life giving blood is being strangled by sugar. This insight plays a critical role in our brain’s ability to be free of the scourge of Alzheimer’s disease. This disease is now being described as Type 3 diabetes with this unregulated sugar/insulin impairment contributing to a disease that has no effective treatment by prescription drugs. Check out the January issue of Fortune magazine: Big Pharma Strikes Out On Alzheimer’s (Jan. 18, 2019). Don’t want an irreversible brain disease? Get your blood sugar under control.
Big pharma knows an epidemic when their PR departments tell them. All of us who still watch television (FOX, NBC, ABC, or CBS) have seen the spike in drug commercials for combating T2D by lowering your A1C. Remember to pay particular attention to the disclaimers being read as you are dazzled with the freedom you are being offered by taking their medication. One of the newest being touted on endless TV ads, claims to lower A1C by TWO points if used in conjunction with Metformin, the #1 drug used to fight T2D. When you google the drug’s website, it simply states it may lower A1C. Remember, neither drug is designed to reverse T2D, only manage the disease.
What if I told you there is a wonderful book entitled How To Prevent And Treat Diabetes With Natural Medicine written by Dr. Michael Murray, N.D. and Dr. Michael Lyon, M.D. which empowers the reader to make a new choice. Just like the feature I did on the work by my friend Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D., there is a path that can lead to a reversal of the progressive degeneration expressed by T2D. It involves three simple pillars: First, select non-inflammatory foods with no refined sugar as well as low to no refined carbs, second, The Buck Institute of UCLA’s Medical Center has the best track record of balancing blood sugar to a non-diabetic level as well as reversing cognitive decline: just exercise thirty minutes three to four times a week. Can’t walk—swim—can’t swim, go to the Y and use their stand-up whirlpool or just stretch and stretch some more.
I saved the last pillar of this new life plan: nutraceuticals—food medicine. I wrote three articles on Berberine (go to Lovewhole’slovenotes). This plant based alkaloid, similar to goldenseal, has been shown in one clinical study to lower hemoglobin A1C levels by 12 percent to non-diabetic levels of below 5.7. Better yet, there was a 20 percent reduction of fasting blood sugar levels. Compatible with medications, it expressed side benefits, not side effects, contributing to the loss of abdominal belly weight, increasing balanced gut flora (candida eradication), and helping reduce overall inflammation especially to heart and nerves.
When combined with Natural Factor’s proprietary Theracurmin, you exponentially increase the curcuminoid’s (turmeric extract) ability to firewall your brain from the neural degeneration culminating in Alzheimer’s. Add alpha lipoic acid (or R lipoic acid) to this recipe and you can significantly improve the effects of peripheral neuropathy in eyes, hands, and feet.
Type two diabetes is reversible. Simply express the will to embrace these three simple pillars and you won’t be a Florida Health Department statistic. Start by making your medications actually get you below 100 and not hovering at 120. Let our staff at both stores help you reach your new healing choices. To help you reach your goal, Love Whole Foods is offering the entire line of Natural Factors products at 20 percent off. Not a one day sale, but one for the entire month of July. Need some motivation? Come on in and get one free bottle of Vitamin D3 with any purchase not just Berberine, alpha lipoic acid, and Theracurmin. Now that’s’ a way to celebrate a new beginning.

Peggy Van Cleef