Not Ready To Get Round(ed) Up?

           My last article was devoted to the type 2 diabetes epidemic silently afflicting Volusia and Flagler counties (“To Be or Not To Be…” July 12, 2019).  Go to our website and click on my past articles.  Here I focused on a remarkable nutraceutical called berberine.  Most readers are familiar with its cousin, goldenseal.  Compatible with prescription drugs, this herb, at the right potency, can be an effective tool to manage blood sugar levels.

Now we have another powerful nutraceutical called Hintonia latiflora.  Harvested in the highlands of Guatemala, this herbal extract has been used by indigenous peoples to stabilize, normalize and moderate early stages of type 2 diabetes, and actually reverse the disease!

            This information was presented last December when Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D. was our guest at the Ormond Beach store.  He outlined the lifestyle changes that have to be made to support this revolutionary approach to metabolic syndrome and T2D.  This was not an infomercial.  Dr. Teitelbaum discussed how making good food choices, along with targeted exercise, were essential to allowing these natural herbal extracts to reverse the inflammatory response to food contaminants, gut disruptors, and stress factors unleashed in our modern society.  Indeed, the stressors that impact the growth of plants are responsible for inbuing this plant with its healing potential.

            Compatible with your current medications, this regimen has been shown to clinically reduce morning fasting blood sugar levels and lower hemoglobin A1C levels.  Those readers on insulin injections need to work with your medical team to mediate a program to safely reach your goal of being insulin free.

            The most remarkable product utilizing Hintonia was created by my friend, Terry Lemerond, founder of Terry Naturally.  His Sucontral® D  has been studied in clinical trials in Germany and was shown not only to alleviate the symptoms of diabetes, it helped heart conditions.   As the Hintonia lowered lipid levels, it helped lower blood pressure.  My suggestion:  Take one Sucantral® D and one berberine (500 mg) two times a day at breakfast and dinner.

            So now we have a powerful solution to carb/sugar craving and its resultant metabolic/diabetes disease, but what accounts for this explosion of these diseases in America?  One answer is the source of sugar we are consuming:  The culprit is high fructose corn syrup and then beet sugar!  HFCS has been around since World War II; corn was used to make margarine (a phony “miracle food”).  What’s new was Monsanto’s introduction of genetically modified corn designed to survive exposure to the weed-o-cide called RoundUp.  The result was a GMO creation of RoundUp-ready corn.  A similar process was applied to sugarcane and beets.  Together they account for 95% of the sugar consumed by the United States.  Not only do these plants produce sugar at a much higher glycemic index than their non-GMO origins, but the very heart of the technology is to create a plant that, when the farmer sprays the RoundUp (key ingredient is glyphosate) to kill weeds, its residue lays on the GMO plant.  When consumed, you become the recipient, albeit in small amounts, of glyphosate.

            So what has that got to do with T2 diabetes?  There is another autoimmune disease called non-hodgkin’s lymphoma.  There isn’t a reader who hasn’t heard of the four landmark trials in California linking long-term exposure to RoundUp and non-hodgkin’s lymphoma.  The last trial awarded a couple two BILLION dollars for personal injury by Monsanto (now owned by Bayer).  Want to know how one of the most toxic chemicals is used in our food production?  Then make a big note to self:  This country’s foremost authority on RoundUp toxicity and the impact of genetic plant engineering (GMOs) will be coming back to our area.  Her name is Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., and she is the head of artificial intelligence at MIT.  We were honored to have her speak at the Ormond Beach store (November 2018) to a capacity turnout.  She has now completed her second book on RoundUp.  LOVE WHOLE FOODS is proud to co-sponsor her newest presentation for the Embry-Riddle University Honors Series.  She will be speaking one night only, September 25, at 7:30 p.m. at the Lemerand Auditorium on the ERAU campus.  Title: “RoundUp:  The Rattlesnake in the Cornfield.”  Go to for directions.  It’s free, so plan to attend early to find parking.

Dr. Seneff will connect the dots linking not only non-hodgkin’s lymphoma and type 2 diabetes, but she will talk about how important it is to eat organic.  She will discuss other remedies, including doing urine testing.  We offer a premium testing lab to check exposure to glyphosate for under $100.00, no prescription needed.

            OK, get out the calendar.  Not ready to get “Round(ed) Up!”  Start with reading Dr. Teitelbaum’s diabetes manual, then create your goal:  organic food, exercise, and take Sucontral® D and berberine, with our without your medication.  Love Whole Foods is dedicated to helping you reach that goal.  For the entire month of September, Sucontral® D is on sale at 15% off.  Buy any other Terry Naturally product, get another $5.00 coupon (at the vitamin counter).  Every Terry Naturally purchase qualifies for a free copy of Dr. Teitelbaum’s diabetes manual. See you at Dr. Seneff’s presentation.  Now that’s the way to RoundUp to good health.

Peggy Van Cleef